Patisserie Boulangerie presents the “Four Seasons Stollen”.

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■2021.12.17 【Elegant Rouge Strawberry Afternoon Tea】

This winter indulge your senses in the world of strawberries.

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■2021.12.17 【CHAMPAGNE NIGHT by Louis Roederer】

For a limited time only, we are offering a special plan for one couple per day in a relaxing setting overlooking the night view of Beppu City.

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■2021.12.17 【Wellness Journey -Aqua Afternonntea & HARNN Heritage Spa Package-】

the ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa. This plan starts with a soothing afternoon tea at the Aqua Lounge, a relaxing wellness space where you can unwind your mind and body with a view of the city of Beppu and nature.

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■2021.12.11 【Strawberry Dessert Buffet】

This year’s strawberry promotion will be held for six months under the theme of “strawberries in color” starting with “Elegant Rouge,” a gorgeous red color that create a sophisticated and mature atmosphere for your afternoon.

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■2021.12.11 【Elements Slow Fires】

This winter warm your body and soul with our lunch and dinner culinary delights at Elements.

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■2021.12.2 【Elegant Rouge Strawberry Afternoon Tea】

This year’s strawberry promotion will be held for six months under the theme of “strawberries in color” starting with “Elegant Rouge,” a gorgeous red color that create a sophisticated and mature atmosphere for your afternoon.

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■2021.12.2 【Strawberry Night Cocktails】

At “The Bar”, an authentic bar, under the theme of “Strawberry Time”, we will be offering original cocktails to enjoy the seasonal taste of strawberries.

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■2021.12.1 【Aqua one plate lunch & Afternoon tea】

The new one-plate lunch includes a French-style open sandwich filled with the sweetness of seasonal vegetables and Aqua’s special wellness salad and soup using carefully selected local vegetables.

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■2021.12.1 【Atelier Signature】

A special menu, featuring our signature “Oita premium lobster” and “Oita Wagyu beef”, is now available for a limited time. Take this chance to enjoy the taste of the season and the skills of our Atelier chef.

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■2021.11.8 【Seasonal Events】

The seasonal events at ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa will brighten up your festive spirits.

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■2021.11.8 【HARNN HERITAGE SPA】 12 Gifts from HARNN

As a token of appreciation, Harnn Heritage Spa invites you to the 12 days of special gifts for Christmas Happiness.

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■2021.11.8 【THE LOUNGE】 White Christmas Afternoon Tea

Savor our afternoon tea interpretation of the Christmas tradition with a unique combination of sweets and savories inspired by the most popular of the winter festivities.

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■2021.10.18 【Now Taking Reservations】 Baron Philippe de RothschildMaker’s Dinner

We are proud to launch our 4th episode of AtelierMaster Series, featuring premium Baron Philippe deRothschild wine and a special course prepared byAtelier’s Chef.

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■2021.8.28 ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa has been awarded at “HAUTE GRANDEUR GLOBAL HOTEL AWARDS 2021

Atelier Master Series will continue its succesful program of events with this new episode, featuring premium Bernhard Huber wine and a special course prepared by Atelier’s Chef.

■2021.7.16 【LUXURY CRUISING】Elegant Resort life on the Sea.

Special invitation to an exclusive sea trip of Beppu Bay on the private cruiser.

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■2021.7.1 【EARLY DISCOUNT】Bookings before 21days of your arrival will offer upto 20% OFF of the room charge

For early bookings, 21 days prior to your arrival, the best flexible rate of your room will be upto 20% OFF. From a simple stay plan to Club & Suite plan, we have variety of plans to fit your needs. Please take advantage of this chance to experience our resort stay at ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa.

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■2021.6.24 【Summer Fruit Dessert Buffet】Under the Sea

Welcome to undersea voyage to discover sweet trasures skillefully crafted by our pastry team. The buffet wiil offer a wide range of desserts focused on premium summer fruits such us mango and melon. Enjoy a unique atmosphere and refresh during hot summer afternoons.

■2021.6.10 HARNN Aroma Stay in BEPPU

Specially customized Room Diffuser for ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa is inspired by the best elements of Beppu. This unique item is not only for the enjoyment of it’s aroma, but also for a great relaxation and to boost up your innune strenght. This is a special gift for you to take home along with HARNN Rice Blanc Soap to continue the advantage of the great moments with HARNN Aroma Stay. During your stay, please enjoy the spa treatment of your choice, Onsen Bath and meals full of seasonal local ingredients. HARNN Heritage Spa provides clean and safe environment for every treatment and for your muximum relaxation time. We would also like to invite you to several activities such as Self Relaxation Workshop, Nordic Walk, and blended tea tasting to promote the conditions of body and mind as the Holistic experience at ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort and Spa.

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■2021.6.1 【JUNE exclusive plan for the Residents of Kyushu】

Special offer for the residents of Kyushu with the Luxurious benefits of your choice.「June Pearls」 brings out the shine of your inner and outer beauty with the inspiration of pearl which is known as a birth stone of June. Another choice is the gitt of Hotel Credit wich is available at the various facilities to upgrade your stay.

■2021.5.20 【PEACH PROMOTION】Angel Peach Afternoon Tea

With charming patissieur creations that celebrate the peach season, a journey into the angels’s world “Peach Afternoon Tea” will entertein all your senses. Enjoy the combination of skillefully made sweets and the finest “TWG Tea Selection”, will offer a memorable afternoon with your family and friends.

■2021.5.20 Atelier Seasonal Journey in Oita

Our chefs celebrate the finest produce and premium ingredients from Oita, with a lavish 6 course menu featuring Oita Black Abalone and Atelier’s signature Oita Wagyu filet mignon. Tailored wine pairing and rare wines by the bottle are available for wine lovers.

■2021.5.7 Afternoon Chocolate Fair by CACAO The Bar

Our pastry chef scouted the best quality cacao blends to create a luxurious chocolate experience for you. Try our fondue set in combination with seasonal fresh fruits, sweets and savoriesfrom our buffet, and home-made chocolate drinks from our skilled barisas.

■2020.10.18 Launching Take out menu_Bakery and Photogenic Sweets!!

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■2020.10.10 Recognized at the Haute Grandeur Global HotelAwards.

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■2020.7.1 From Wednesday 1st July, Notice of Reopening.

■2020. 5. 26_ Reopening from July 1st.

ANA Intercontinental Beppu Resort&spa was born out of a love for True Hospitality. Throughout our most challenging time yet, this has never changed. Today, we are delighted to announce that we are reopening to guests on 1st /July /2020 and now accepting bookings. The safety and well-being of our guests and colleagues is our top priority. During this time we have reassessed all cleaning standards and implemented new hygiene procedures and guidelines. To keep you safe, the hotel experience may feel a little different for now with social distancing measures in place and other precautions in our outlets that adhere to government guidelines and public health advice. Rest assured that our True Hospitality will continue to shine through and our people are here to help you every step of the way.On behalf of the team, thank you for your incredible commitment, understanding and patience, and we look forward to welcoming you soon. For any additional information or questions please contact us on ANA Intercontinental Beppu Resort&spa.

■2020. 4. 10_Notice of temporary closure

Due to significantly reduced business following the recent COVID-19 outbreak and the Government’s decision to restrict travel and public gatherings, ANA Intercontinental Beppu Resort&spa has made the incredibly difficult decision to temporarily close from 13th April 2020 until further notice.We recognize that is a very challenging time for so many people, and we thank all of our guests and the community for their understanding and support.Any guests with upcoming reservations will have the option to cancel or reschedule for future dates, without incurring any fees. If your booking is in the coming weeks, our reservations team will contact you directly over the next few days. If your booking was made through an agent, you will need to contact them.We very much hope to reopen soon and welcome guests back toANA Intercontinental Beppu Resort&spa.


ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa invite you with these special offers.