In pursuit of True Luxury

True Luxury involves reconnecting with oneself in an environment removed from everyday life—a place where you can rediscover the true essence of happiness, richness, and the ability to thrive.
This philosophy guides ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa.

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An unparalleled space and experience
that thoroughly embody True Luxury

Experience True Luxury at our hilltop Resort Hotel offering spectacular views over Beppu, one of the world’s most renowned hot spring destinations.
Immerse yourself in seasonal gastronomy, sophisticated interior design, and a journey through history and culture that will captivate your mind and all five senses.


Rediscover yourself in a tranquil environment
away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life life.

Amidst a world consumed by time and constant change, rediscover your connection to your inner self.
Find true happiness and richness at our exclusive resort, offering an extraordinary experience like no other.

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Beppu, a town representing
Japan’s rich Onsen Culture

In January of the ninth year of the Jogan era, 1200 years ago, Umi Jigoku emerged alongside the eruption of Mt. Tsurumidake, becoming one of the hot springs in this region.
The tourism culture originating from Beppu Bay gradually extended into the mountains, eventually reaching the present-day Yufuin area.
Throughout the hotel, you can immerse yourself in the traditions deeply rooted in this land, where historical figures once sought healing and tranquility.

About Beppu

Bringing Wellbeing to new heights
through Healing and Cuisine

We prioritize enhancing wellbeing through relaxation at our hot spring and spa, complemented by cuisine that features a variety of ingredients from Oita.
Enjoy a rejuvenating resort experience, highlighted by our signature restaurant Atelier serving ‘Oita French’ cuisine crafted from meticulously chosen local produce.

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